Vitamin Iv

Treatment Room

Every day we are exposed to health, environmental and emotional stressors. At Global Clinic, we offer Vitamin IV rejuvenation to boost the immune system.
IV Therapy infusions are proven to be extremely potent and efficient. 
Each infusion is packed with vitamins, nutrients, minerals, and amino acids. 

Super Vitamin C Boost

Boost your immune system with Super Vitamin C infusion to fight the flu or a common cold. The injection is most effective at the onset of the symptoms and during recovery. 
Super Vitamin C infusion helps as a preventative therapy for chronic conditions such as high blood pressure and heart disease. 

Ketamine IV 

Vitamin B infusion with an appropriate dose of Ketamine medication is proven to provide long-lasting relief for patients who suffer from chronic pain, neurological pain, and depression. This treatment requires prior consultation with our pain management team and performed under a doctor's supervision. 

Multi-Vitamin Boost 

Myers Cocktail is one of the most potent signature IV infusions at the Global Clinic. It contains a combination of 22 different vitamins, calcium, magnesium, biotin, and folic acid. The goal is to ensure that your body will receive the maximum benefit.


Myers Cocktail is natural and has no known side effects. If you suffer from frequent colds, low immune system, low energy, stress, jetlag, or even hangover multi-vitamin boost is right for you!


I am a big believer in Vitamin C and Meyer Cocktail Infusions. I grew up in Israel. During my paramedic service days, I would start getting sick a lot. One of my colleague's paramedics would give a Vitamin C IV infusion to me. Twenty years later, I was thrilled to finally find a place in Chicago that does vitamin infusions at a reasonable price. I encourage everyone to try it. Excellent experience at Global Clinic! 

- Anna -