Scoliosis in kids is gradually developing the deformity of a growing and developing spine. There are various probable reasons for that, but there is a consensus that well-balanced musculature around the developing spine is crucial to maintain its proper shape. Therefore, we focus on teaching both the kids and parents lifelong skills of strengthening postural muscles and maintaining it throughout adult life. 

Symptoms in kids

Uneven shoulders and hips
Shoulder blade sticking out 

Treatment Options

Corrective scoliosis treatment
Physical therapy


Scoliosis is a developmental condition that progresses during the child's growth (childhood through young adult life). Kids must start the treatment as early as possible to help proper spine development. At the same time, it's never too late to stop the progression and optimize the spine in preparation for adulthood. 

Since progression happens gradually, parents may overlook the problem. As the curvature progresses, scoliosis might cause changes in the body. The shoulders and hips may become uneven, and the shoulder blade may stick out permanently. 

Our physical therapists specialize in corrective scoliosis treatment. We have successfully treated hundreds of kids, helping them correct scoliosis and avoid unnecessary surgery. Our physical therapists were trained in the USA, Israel, Poland, Bulgaria, and Ukraine, bringing various techniques and methods to our corrective scoliosis program. 
Our primary goal is to help your child grow healthy and happy.