Pinched Nerve

The nerves in your body get compressed by a surrounding tissue that results in a pinched nerve. In contrast, nerves can be pinched anywhere in the body. Most commonly, the pinch takes place in the spine or wrist. 

Poor posture, spinal misalignment, arthritis, disc herniation, or injury can contribute to this painful experience. At Global Clinic, we designed a Pinched Nerve Treatment Program based on our vast experience and thousands of recovered patients. Based on your symptoms, medical history, and personal preference, we will customize your treatment program to bring you fast, long-lasting results. 


Radiating pain 
Back and neck stiffness
Numbness in arms or legs

Treatment Options

We open the compressed nerve roots and reduce inflammation utilizing: 



Epidural steroid injection 

Facet block, RFA

PRP stem and cell therapy

Nerve glides 
Manual traction, nerve mobilization
Chiropractic treatment, spinal alignment