Problems with the peripheral nervous system cause neuropathy pain. These nerves branch out from your brain to the spinal cord and further. 


A groundbreaking advancement in Natural Biologics medicine offers hope for recovery to many patients suffering from Neuropathy. 


Neuropathy pain can be caused by diabetes, trauma, vitamin deficiency, infections, toxins, or alcoholism are some of the main issues. 


At Global Clinic, we bring the best of what recent medical science advances can offer to our patients. Amnio-Derived Biologics is a natural and innovative method we use to treat neuropathy symptoms. 

We administer injections with FDA approved biologics derived from living cells to restore damaged tissue and promote new growth. Healing and regenerating tendons, nerves, and muscles from within.


We combine regenerative medicine with advanced manual therapy, massage therapy, and physical therapy.  


Do not wait for Neuropathy to take over your life! Schedule now!


Burning and tingling or sharp pain in the back, face, foot, hands, or thigh.

Muscular cramping, difficulty walking, muscle weakness, problems with coordination, or loss of muscle. 

Pins and needles sensation, uncomfortable tingling and burning, oversensitivity, reduced sensation of touch, or sensitivity to pain.

Poor balance, slow reflexes, tingling feet, tingling fingers, or weakness.

Treatment Options

Stem cell injections for wrists, feet, and extremities

Physical therapy

Massage therapy

Regenerative medicine