At Global Clinic, we provide comprehensive medical care for individuals injured in car accidents, slip and fall accidents, and any other personal injury matter.  

We conduct a thorough evaluation and offer state of the art diagnostic testing, medical treatment, and timely recovery. 
We work together with your insurance company and attorneys to save you time and provide peace of mind so that you can concentrate on the recovery.

Our comprehensive treatment plans include:

Chiropractic Care
Physical Therapy
Pain Management
Regenerative Medicine


I got rear-ended while standing on an intersection a month ago. I did not have a lot of pain right away, but my neck pain and low back pain started to worsen a few days later. I was not able to sleep, drive, or sit without pain. At Global Clinic, they got me in to see a doctor on the same day. I could not believe the results of physical therapy. After a month of therapy, I feel much better, and I can go back to my daily routine. They also worked with my insurance adjuster and resolved the claim quickly, with minimal stress for me.

- Sonia -