Spinal Decompression

What is KDT Spinal Decompression at Global Pain & Spine Clinic?

With more and more labor-saving devices entering our households, and more and more hours sitting at our desks in our workplaces, it is only natural that chronic back aches are common in many of us with less than desirable levels of fitness. For many, this is a debilitating medical condition that hampers their ability to carry on with their normal lives. Thankfully, medicine has advanced in recent years and has come up with new ways of treating and curing chronic back pain. KDT spinal decompression is one of them.

Global Pain & Spine Clinic Treatment Plan

KDT spinal decompression has been studied and proven to be extremely effective in many patients. In fact, some patients have even reported that their disc bulges have been corrected and improved their disc health. The following are some of the other benefits of KDT spinal decompression that have firmly positioned this treatment as one of the most effective for treating chronic back pain:

  • KDT spinal decompression is a non-traumatic method of treatment that is widely suggested for patients who are not considered suitable candidates for drastic treatment procedures.
  • KDT spinal decompression can be prescribed for patients of any age. It is a completely safe procedure where the decompression machine slowly and gently stretches the patient’s spine. This makes the process safe even for people suffering from degenerative disc disease, herniated discs, sciatica, or have had failed back surgeries.
  • KDT spinal decompression is now widely regarded as the most effective treatment methodology for a wide range of disc compression syndromes. These syndromes have been found to be the primary cause of 85% of all chronic back pain cases.
  • This treatment has been found to trigger disc healing and aid regeneration in the disc region by pulling back fluids and nutrients there.

If you have been battling back problems for a long time, it is time you consulted with us at the Global Pain & Spine Clinic. Call us at 847-299-7000 to make an appointment for consultation and treatment; KDT spinal decompression will work wonders for you!


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