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Prospect Heights, IL Physical Therapy, Chiropractor Acupuncture, Manual Therapy and Pain Management

Directions From Prospect HeightsFor the most comprehensive and successful medical care in the Prospect Heights area, Global Pain & Spine Clinic has you covered. Using Eastern and Western medicine in a comprehensive and specifically tailored manner, we provide care for our patients with only one thing on our minds-your recovery. Talented chiropractors, acupuncturists, physical therapists, physicians, and experts in other fields come together and devise a series of treatments designed to expedite your recovery.

It’s no secret that each individual responds to different treatments. While acupuncture and pain treatment might cure a certain individual, another might need surgery; the goal of Global Pain & Spine Clinic is to exhaust every possible option before resorting to surgery. Because of the comprehensive care and expertise in each individual field, the staff at Global Pain & Spine Clinic boasts one of the highest recovery rates in the world and uses their knowledge to create a plan specifically tailored to meet the needs of each individual and use only treatments that their bodies respond positively to. Many medical institutions adhere to either Western or Eastern medicine and believe that one or the other is superior. Here at Global Pain & Spine Clinic, we believe that it doesn’t matter which treatment is used, as long as the results are positive.

Patients will receive the utmost in comprehensive care and can rest assured that the trained experts will do their best to ensure that your treatment is one that will help in your recovery. To learn more about the best care in the Prospect Heights are, schedule an appointment with us and expedite your recovery today.

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