What to Expect

Here’s an idea of what you can expect from start to finish as we work to remove your pain and improve your quality of life.

Your First Visit

What to ExpectWe’ll look closely at your current condition, your past medical history, and your wellness goals for the future. From this, we’ll determine the exact source of the pain or discomfort that you’re experiencing, and create a treatment plan that fits your unique situation. We’ll discuss this plan with you to make sure that you understand and consent to what we’re proposing.

Relief Care

Our first priority is making you feel better. We use the latest in safe, proven, and natural healing methods to give you quick and effective relief from discomfort. The pain relief we provide is long-lasting and allows you to return to doing the things you love.

Corrective and Restorative Care

We zero in on the pain’s source, ensuring that your relief is lasting by healing the original injury. Our techniques don’t just mask the pain; they also encourage your body to repair itself. By correcting the problem that caused the discomfort, we ensure that the pain stays gone for good.

Wellness Care

We’ll discuss possible causes of your injury or condition, and share steps that you can take to either prevent the injury from reoccurring or mitigate a chronic condition. Our ultimate goal is to make sure you stay healthy, mobile, and pain-free!

Take control and work towards relief, restoration and wellness by scheduling an appointment with us today.

Success Stories

"Wonderful people. They really, really care." Andzej, Morton Grove "I feel assured that I am in good hands all the time." Elizabeth, Skokie Read our patients’ success stories and find out why they love coming to Global Clinic.
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