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Directions From Franklin Park ILBoasting the highest success rate in the medical industry, the 95% patient recovery has set us aside from conventional medical institutions. The best area of care in the Franklin Park area, Global Pain & Spine Clinic incorporates Eastern and Western medicine to create a comprehensive approach to patient recovery. Specializing in musculoskeletal disorders, we use chiropractic care, acupuncture, physical therapy, modern medicine, and many other techniques in combination with each other to create a personalized recovery plan for each patient. Talented experts in each field will evaluate your case and use only techniques of treatment that your body responds positively to.

It’s the commitment of Global Pain & Spine Clinic that sets it apart from other medical institutions. The willingness to work with doctors of other practices of medicine makes it possible to create treatment plans that are tailored to fit the needs of each specific individual. Anyone who practices medicine knows that each person is different and their body will respond differently to various forms of treatment. It is our goal to ensure that recovery is the number one goal-not whether it’s Eastern or Western medicine that does the trick.

Combinations of different treatments have been proven effective in treating musculoskeletal disorders and the only way to promote a full recovery. Experts in their individual fields will work together to create the best plan to fit your needs with one goal in mind-your recovery. In the world of modern medicine, it’s slightly baffling that more medical institutions have realized that the only way for a full recovery is using a variety of techniques and seeing what works for the individual. Global Pain & Spine Clinic’s 95% success rate is no coincidence; schedule a consultation in the Franklin Park area and see how comprehensive care can work for you.

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