Spine Treatment Processes and Equipment

Posted on Monday, July 2nd, 2012 by anna

We, at Global Pain & Spine Clinic, understand how painful and debilitating a spinal condition can be and how critical it is for pain management therapists to treat the condition most effectively and ensure a quick and complete recovery so that the patient can return to his normal active life at the shortest time possible. The various spine treatment processes and equipment at our disposal ensure just this for our patients. Our pain management specialists recommend the usage of one or more these spine treatment processes and equipment to a particular patient depending on his specific condition.

To understand the efficacy of our treatment procedures, take a look at the spine treatment processes and equipment that we use:

• Physical Therapy: One of the most effective of all spine treatment processes and equipment that we use, physical therapy aims to impart more strength and flexibility to the spinal region that in turn relaxes the muscles, improves the functioning of the joints, and alleviates pain by triggering the body’s self-healing mechanism. We believe that poor posture causes many kinds of spinal conditions and therefore, through our manual therapies and flexibility and strengthening exercise programs, we also try and improve your posture.

• Acupuncture Treatment:: Our HGH range of spine treatment processes and equipment spans both Western and traditional Eastern methods. We have qualified, certified, and immensely experienced acupuncture specialists on board to administer this natural and proven-to-be-effective pain management therapy in conjunction with cold laser therapy or electrical stimulation to help remove energy blockages and increase blood flow to the afflicted region.

• Chiropractic Care: For some spinal conditions, we also recommend an effective hands-on chiropractic care regimen that relaxes and decompresses the spine to treat a variety of mechanical disorders that may afflict the musculo-skeletal system. We might also prescribe the use of a corset or a brace to some people.

• Spinal Decompression: One of the newest and definitely the most revolutionary of all spine treatment processes and equipment is the KDT spinal decompression technique. Extensively researched into and proven to be extremely effective for a variety of chronic back pain conditions, this treatment is a non-traumatic procedure that can be prescribed to people of any age and is especially suited for patients who cannot undergo drastic treatment procedures.

So now that you know that we can treat a variety of spinal conditions with our spine treatment processes and equipment, call us at 847-299-7000 for an appointment.


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