Finding the Right Chiropractor

Posted on Monday, February 6th, 2012 by anna

Whether it’s your chronic back or neck pain that may turn acute or you suffer an accidental injury, you never know when you might have to send an SOS to a chiropractor. When you are wincing in pain, it is hard to run around looking around for the right chiropractor. So, it is best to keep a few numbers handy. “But, how do I go about finding the right chiropractor?” If this question is bothering you, then here’s a practical guide to finding the right chiropractor:

  • Ask around. When you have embarked on finding the right chiropractor, nothing works like personal references. Or else how will you know about that amazing doctor down the road who doesn’t advertise but has cured your aunt’s back ache that she’s had for the last 20 years or a young chiropractic professional who has just started practicing but is already working wonders.
  • Weigh the practitioner’s ability to cure your specific ailment. A principal criterion for successfully finding the right chiropractor is being able to discern how experienced and/or trained a practitioner is in dealing with your specific ailment. After all, a specialist always has greater chances of success.
  • Go by titles and reputation. If you are at a loss when you are going about finding the right chiropractor, look at accreditations and a practitioner’s reputation. Check on your particular state’s Chiropractic Board of Examiners website to see if a practitioner is accredited by the Council on Chiropractic Education. If you have a health insurance plan, you can also check with your insurance provider about the reputation of a practitioner.
  • Think practical. After you have followed all the tips above for finding the right chiropractor to a T, do keep in mind to consider some other practical issues—does the practitioner have night time hours, does my health insurance plan cover treatment with this practitioner, and does he offer discount rates on immediate cash payments.

These were some tips for finding the right chiropractor. But you can always make your life easy and not bother with all these checklists by simply visiting us at the Global Pain & Spine Clinic. Call us at 847-299-7000 to schedule an appointment.

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