Fibromyalgia Treatment Options

Posted on Monday, December 19th, 2011 by anna

Fibromyalgia treatment concentrates on easing the chronic pain of the musculoskeletal area as well as symptoms of fatigue. Patients who need treatment for Fibromyalgia suffer greatly from pain in the soft tissues of the body like muscles, ligaments and tendons. The constant ache and pain is too much for most people to handle.

While Fibromyalgia may not completely disappear, Fibromyalgia treatment ensures that the symptoms become much more muted and bearable. There are many types of Fibromyalgia treatment options but Global Pain & Spine Clinic offers the most natural forms, which are also considered the most effective to ease the pain and fatigue.

Physical therapy is a popular treatment option as it brings back functionality to the body through a regimen of manual therapy, flexibility programs and strengthening exercise programs. Conventional medications are known to provide immeasurable relief when used alongside various other natural methods. Supplemental vitamins and nutritional therapies go hand in hand with these medications providing long lasting relief.

Fibromyalgia treatment makes use of anti-inflammatory medicines that are non-steroidal in nature. Cortisone and steroidal medicines are used but in synchronization with vitamins to ensure that the body heals faster. Fibromyalgia treatment options include vitamin and homeopathic injections as well as nutritional consulting and injection therapy that are focused on the trigger points of Fibromyalgia.

Acupuncture is another viable natural treatment option. Coupled with electrical stimulation or cold laser therapy, acupuncture may be the best treatment option for you. With the best chiropractors working to ensure that your Fibromyalgia treatment is all encompassing and complete, the root of the pain and fatigue can be treated. For more information pertaining to these natural methods of Fibromyalgia treatment, contact Global Pain & Spine Clinic at 847-299-7000 today.

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