Are Mobility Exercises Effective?

Posted on Wednesday, May 30th, 2012 by anna

While technological advances have widened our horizons, they have also taken much away from our health. With increased dependence on labor-saving devices and much of our waking hours spent in front of the computer, fitness has taken a beating. The results are all too evident around you—decreased flexibility and weakened muscles and joints that make us vulnerable to aches, pains, and injuries. That is why, mobility exercises have come to emerge as one of the most effective pain management methods whose benefits actually go beyond just alleviating pain. We, at Global Pain & Spine Clinic, use mobility exercises to loosen joints and bring relief pain- or injury-afflicted individuals. According to us, the efficacy of these exercises arises due to their following benefits:

  • Improving flexibility in the joints. Lack of flexibility is one of the major causes behind patients to not only aid recovery but also reduce their chances of sustaining injuries in future and thereby lead more active and fulfilling lives.
  • Improving strength in the joints. Mobility exercises not only increase the flexibility in the joints but also impart strength to a pain-afflicted or injured area that in turn, reduces the pain or inflammation and quicken recovery.
  • Triggering a self-healing mechanism. Exercising, generally, triggers a self-healing mechanism in the body and this is also true of the mobility exercises that our therapists may recommend for your condition. On many occasions, we have seen that these exercises provided relief from pain without our patients having to take recourse to medicines or injections.

Our physicists conduct one-to-one sessions with our patients to draw up a customized mobility exercises regimen specific to the medical condition and the general health of the individual. This increases the efficacy of these exercises. So, if you too think that mobility exercises can help your condition, call us at (847) 299-7000.


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