Demystifying Upper Back Pain

Posted on Friday, September 9th, 2011 by anna

A common problem with today’s working professionals are that many of them work in a sedentary manner at their desks for a prolonged duration. This is an unhealthy practice and takes a huge toll on the body often leading to a problem which we call upper back pain.

While less prevalent than lower back pain, this is a very uncomfortable condition and is characterized by sharp pain in the area below the neck and above the lumbar spine. This condition has some common causes. Some are:

* Irritation of the muscle or other similar soft tissue in the upper back region which causes persistent pain.
* Improper posture and prolonged overuse of the spine which happens in case of sedentary workers.
* Accident or athletic induced trauma, which has caused a strain in the muscular tissue of the upper back.

Some problems may be related to the joints in the upper torso between the ribs and the vertebrae. There are a plethora of upper back treatments; finding the one that works best for you is the most obvious challenge. Some of the treatment protocols or options are as follows:

* Physical therapy or passive exercising of the joints is an effective and natural way of dealing with upper back troubles.
* In case the pain is related to joints; joint manipulation and massage therapy has proved very effective in working to alleviate this discomfort.
* Alternative treatments like acupuncture, acupressure, heat treatments, and so forth are fast gaining popularity as effective means of treatment.

There are some basic ways to avoid back pain of all kinds. Some in-chair exercises done in work breaks can prove to be strikingly beneficial for upper body health. Prolonged sitting in a single posture should be avoided. In case of extensive pain, painkillers and analgesics are prescribed though not recommended since they can induce some side effects.

To know more about upper back pain and how to effectively combat it, call our consultants at Global Pain & Spine Clinic today at 847-282-0171.

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