Cold Weather and Chronic Pain

Posted on Tuesday, January 10th, 2012 by anna

While scientists are still debating the relationship between cold weather and chronic pain, there is no doubt about the fact that the incidence of aching joints increases the moment the temperature takes a dip. For some, the pain takes on debilitating proportions and hampers their ability to carry on with their normal lives. These people do not seek supporting evidence from scientists of an existing correlation between cold weather and chronic pain; they are certain about it. So when they take out their woolens and mittens, they also stock up on the painkillers and ointments for the season.

Thankfully, there is hope in the horizon for those of you for whom cold weather and chronic pain go hand-in-hand. We, at the Global Pain & Spine Clinic, offer a host of effective treatment methodologies; you can thus enjoy the beauties of the cold weather and chronic pain won’t be a bother any more.

When reeling under a spell of cold weather and chronic pain, many people have found relief in delivered by trained and experienced professionals. This two-pronged approach has proven to be immensely successful in alleviating almost all instances of pain.

A room heater, warm clothes, and cup of hot tea can counter cold weather and chronic pain can be cured with acupuncture, the centuries-old natural treatment procedure that promotes blood circulation to the pain-afflicted region and thus triggers the body’s natural healing mechanism. Chiropractic care is recommended by physicians and therapists in cases of chronic pain in the back and neck region. Chronic pain conditions are also improved with prescription medications, homeopathic and vitamin shots, and nutritional supplements.

Above are only some of the pain management and treatment procedures at our facility. Cold weather and chronic pain may go hand-in-hand but there might also be some underlying condition that aggravates the situation. We examine every patient thoroughly to determine the nature and exact cause of the pain so that we can devise a customized treatment plan that will yield optimum results in the shortest possible time. Call us at 847-299-7000 to schedule an appointment and enjoy a pain-free, fulfilling life.


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