Carpal Tunnel and Pregnancy

Posted on Wednesday, July 18th, 2012 by anna

The relation between Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy is a fuzzy area for the lay man. Contrary to popular belief, it is not only those who spend long hours in front of the computer who get afflicted with Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS). CTS may stem from a variety of reasons and can afflict anyone, like pregnant women. While dwelling on the relation between Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy, it is worth noting that the symptoms in such cases are similar to those who may have been afflicted with this condition because of the nature of their jobs—operating a computer keyboard for long periods of time or working on an assembly line. The symptoms of Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy include feelings of numbness, a tingling sensation or a dull ache in the fingers of the hand or the wrist. Sometimes the pain may also shoot up to the forearm and the upper portion of the arm.

The relation between actually a bony-type canal that is bounded by the wrist bones on three sides and a ligament that traverses the wrist on the fourth side. Pregnant women often experience fluid retention that in turn exerts pressure in the narrow wrist region causing pain and/or numbness. The relation between Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy is all the more evident when you consider that this part of the hand is a relatively inflexible region and any additional pressure causes the median nerve to compress and lead to swelling and pain. Incidentally, the median nerve is responsible for the sensations felt in the thumb, the index, middle, and some portion of the ring fingers.

So now that you are aware of the relation between Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy, you know who to turn to if you or a loved one is showing the symptoms. We, at the Global Pain & Spine Clinic, are also aware of the association between Carpal Tunnel and pregnancy and know how to treat the condition effectively. Call us at (847) 299-7000 to learn more.


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